Citation speakers work best on the 5GHz WiFi network band.

If you have a standard dual-band provider router what supports 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz, we recommend that you separate these two WiFi bands by giving the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz networks each a unique separate SSID (network name) before running the setup via the Google Home app. To be able to change this, you will need to log into your router.

You can acces the login page by typing in the IP-address in the browser bar of a internet browser (Internet Explorer, Safari, Google Chrome, Firefox, Brave etc.) and pressing enter.

The most common IP-addresses for routers are:

Often you will find the correct IP-address of the router and the login details (username and password) on the back of the router.If you are not sure how to do this or login does not work, we recommend you to contact your Internet provider, who will probably be able to assist you with this over the phone.

If you have your own router, then the correct IP address will usually be listed in your router’s user manual. Enter your username and password and then follow the steps below. The login data should be included in or with the user manual. If you have lost the manual, your provider’s or dealer's customer service department should be able to provide you with a new one. 

If you don't want to provide yourself with some extra work we advise you to leave the 2.4 GHz network name (SSID) the way it is and only change the name of the 5GHz SSID by adding ‘-5Ghz’ to the name of the 5 GHz network SSID and choose a new password so that you can clearly see the frequency band with which you are connected (on your phone/tablet etc.)

As soon as you have changed the network name of the 5 GHz SSID and saved the changes, the new name will become visible in the list of networks to connect with, you now can connect to the ‘new’ 5 GHz WiFi network via the settings of your phone/tablet with which you want to run the setup. When connecting your phone to this new network SSID for the first time it will ask for the password once and during the setup via the Google Home-app it will ask for this one more time. Afterwords it normally will be saved and you don't have to enter it in anymore.

Make sure that the phone or tablet you will use for the setup is now connected to the faster 5 GHz home WiFi network before you run the setup again.

Router settings

For Multi-room setups we advise UniFi Acces Points (installed via the UniFi Controller)

Make sure Multicast and UPnP are enabled.

If you use multiple routers (not to be advised) and or wifi extenders or repeaters, please contact us for the best advise.

NOTE: If you have made changes to your network, make sure to use the Google Home app to re-setup any other speakers that were already in your network when it had a different name. Make that all speakers are connected to the same SSID (network name) and can interact and sync smoothly.