The Citation MultiBeam 1100 can be expanded with CITATION SURROUND speakers (rear left and rear right) and/or with a CITATION SUBWOOFER (Citation Sub or Citation Sub S). When you pair both Citation Surround speakers and a Citation Sub (S) you are able to create a full 5.1 surround home theater setup.

It is not possible to pair single CITATION speakers (Citation One/100/200/300/500) to the soundbar as surround speakerts for watching TV. However, it is possible to place the soundbar together with other CITATION speakers in a group (via the Google Home app) and then simultaneously cast audio (for example Radio or Spotify) to all devices present in this group. This makes it possible to play the same music throughout the house (via WiFi).

All speakers that support the Google casting technology can be added to a Google Home group. This makes it possible to also add speakers of another brand that can be added to the Google Home.