CITATION AMP: Which speakers can I connect?

It is possible to connect your own passive loudspeakers to the CITATION AMP as a stereo pair and optionally expand this setup with Citation Surround speakers (wireless) and or a subwoofer (wireless or wired).

1. Unscrew the speaker connectors on the Citation Amp and speakers (not supplied). 

2. Fully insert the speaker wires into the connectors matching left and right and colours/ polarities (red: +; black: -). 

3. crew the connectors to secure the wires.

Using the banana plugs to connect speaker wires

1. Attach banana plugs (not supplied) to the speaker wires. 

2. Carefully pry off the caps on the speaker connectors.

3. Insert the banana plugs completely into the holes in the connectors by matching left and right, and the colours / polarities (red: +; black: -). 

NOTE: Tools may be required for the banana plugs.

Connecting a sub (not supplied)

A Citation Sub or Citation Sub S can be paired wirelessly or your own subwoofer can be connected by cable.

Connecting wireless subwoofer and/or Citation Surrounds (not supplied)

Reset the Citation Sub (S) by pressing and holding the reset button on the back of the subwoofer for around 20 seconds. The subwoofer should then be in pairing mode (white blinking LED on the back of the subwoofer).

For an optimal listening experience leave 30cm between the wall and the Citation Sub (S) and do not place it in a corner.

Note: If you also want to pair wireless Citation Surround speakers (intended for rear left and right only), make sure they are also in pairing mode before you start pairing using the Citation Amp.

For the best listening experience place the Citation Surround speakers no further than 5m from the Citation Amp.

Then press the pairing button on the back of the Citation Amp. The LED light on the front of the Citation Amp will turn green when pairing is successful.

Tip: If necessary, reverse the surround speakers if the channels are reversed.

Connecting a wired subwoofer (not included)

A wired subwoofer can be connected to the Citation Amp using an RCA cable (not supplied). See the illustration below:

For an optimal listening experience leave 30cm between the wall and the subwoofer and do not place it in a corner.

Note: If a wireless subwoofer is connected to the amplifier, the SUB OUT connector will be disabled.

Connecting two pairs of speakers (not supplied)

It is recommended to connect speakers in parallel instead of series to ensure optimal sound quality. 

NOTE: Speakers must be connected to the product with Class II cables (i.e., no grounding is permitted). Do not place Citation Surround Wireless Speakers more than 5m from the Citation Amp.

MPORTANT: Recommended speaker power is 125 W minimum for 8 Ohms and 200 W minimum for 4 Ohms. Do not connect speakers or loads of less than 4 Ohms.