As well as adjusting the bass level of the paired Citation Sub or Citation Sub S using the bass + and bass - buttons on the remote control, there are a number of additional options in the online web environment (referred to hereafter as Web Client).

Accessing the web client

Enter the ip-address of the Citation Amp (visible in the Google Home app under device settings) in a web browser (Internet Explorer, Safari, Modzilla Firefox, Brave etc.) and press enter.

You will then land on a page where, depending on what is connected, you can adjust the following settings, among others:

  • Bass settings
  • Treble settings
  • Subwoofer crossover setting
  • Audio sync delay
  • Surround channel level
  • Dual mono mode
  • Line output setting
  • Aux Boost Input Level

Screenshots web client:

Note: Please note that the adjustments will not be audible until you have saved the settings by pressing Save.