Adding accessories to a room On an iOS device

  • Press and hold an accessory, tap ‘Settings’ > ‘Room’, select a room and tap ‘Done’. 
  • On a Mac: double-click on an accessory and click on ‘Settings’ in the upper right corner. Then click on ‘Room’, select a room and click on ‘Done’.

Organising rooms in a zone

You can group rooms in a zone, such as ‘Upstairs’ or ‘Downstairs’, so that you can easily control various places in your house with Siri. 

On an iOS device 

Tap the ‘Room’ tab, tap the  in the upper left corner and then tap ‘Room Settings’. 

Tap a room, i.e. ‘Living Room’. Tap ‘Zone’. Tap a suggested zone or tap ‘Create New’. Tap ‘Done’.

On a Mac

Select ‘Edit’ > ‘Edit Room’. Click on ‘Rooms’ and select a room. Click on ‘Zone’ and then on a suggested zone or click on ‘Create New’. Click on ‘Done’.