The CITATION devices must first always be set up via the Google Home app. 

If you then add your speakers to the Apple Home app, you can control the speakers with your iPhone or iPad using Siri.

Controlling devices with your voice 

Siri knows which HomeKit accessories have been configured in the Home app and what their status is. Siri identifies your accessories based on their name, location and other information that you have added in the Home app.

Listening to music

If you have a subscription to Apple Music, all of the functions of Apple Music are available to you. You have access to the entire catalogue, all Apple Music playlists (including playlists that you make), all radio stations, episodes of Beats 1 and your own personal mixes. Siri can search by artist or album and manage what is being played and give you information about the music that is being played. Siri can play music from your music library without an Apple Music subscription, including your iTunes purchases and iTunes Match songs.

Searching for and playing songs and albums

You can ask Siri to play all songs by an artist, even songs that are not in your library, or ask Siri to play music from your library. You can also ask Siri to play personalised music, depending on your mood, activities or listening habits. 

  • ‘Play “24K Magic” in random order.’ 
  • ‘Play David Guetta’s latest album.’ 
  • ‘Play music.’ 
  • ‘Play music with the text “Yo, I'll tell you what I want, what I really, really want”.’1
  • ‘Play dinner music.’

Searching for and playing music in hit lists

Siri can find new music, play big hits or play historic hits. Simply say ‘Hey, Siri’ and say something like: 

  • ‘Play the worldwide top 10.’ 
  • ‘Play the song that was number 1 on 1 April 1976.’2
  • ‘Play the hits from the 1990s.’ 
  • ‘Play the most popular song by Twenty One Pilots.’

Adding music to your library or playlists

If you want to add songs or albums to your library or playlist, tell Siri: 

  • ‘Add this song to my library.’ 
  • ‘Add this album to my library.’ 
  • ‘Add this song to my playlist.’ 
  • ‘My wonderful playlist.’

Playing radio and radio stations

You can ask Siri to play a radio station or create a new radio station for you. Ask Siri: 

  • ‘Play Beats 1.’ 
  • ‘Play Rocket Hour by Elton John.’ 
  • ‘Create a radio station for Gorillaz.’ 
  • ‘Play NPR radio.’2

Determining what to play

If you are listening to an album or a playlist, you can ask Siri to play the songs in random order. You can also tell Siri whether you like or don’t like a song or ask Siri to play a different version of the same song. Say ‘Hey, Siri’ and then: 

  • ‘Play more of these types of songs.’ 
  • ‘Skip this song.’ 
  • ‘Enable repeat.’
  • 'I like this song.’ or ‘I don’t like this song.’ 
  • ‘Play another version of this song.’

More information about what is being played

Siri can give you more information about the music to which you are listening or about a recently played song. Ask Siri: 

  • ‘What is this song called?’
  • ‘In what year did this song come out?’
  • ‘Who sings this?’
  • ‘Tell me more about this artist.’
  • ‘How many songs are on this album?’

1    Searching for song lyrics is only available in certain countries and regions. More information about what is available in       your country and region. 

        2    Only available in the United States. 

        3    News channels differ per country or region. 

Listening to podcasts

Siri can help you listen to every programme in the Apple podcast catalogue and keep track of the latest podcast episodes to which you are subscribed.

Playing podcasts

Siri can help you keep track of the podcasts you follow. You can ask things like: 

  • ‘Play Oprah's Supersoul Conversations.’
  • ‘Play my newest podcasts.’
  • ‘Play the first episode of the Lore podcast.’

Controlling podcast playback

You can control podcast playback with Siri. Ask Siri: ‘Pause.’ ‘Rewind 30 seconds.’ ‘Play twice as fast.’ ‘Fast forward 10 seconds.’

More information about what is being played

You can ask Siri for information about the podcasts that you are currently listening to and ask Siri to subscribe to new podcasts. Example: 

  • ‘What podcast is this?’ 
  • ‘Subscribe to this programme.’

Play audio in your home 

With AirPlay and Siri, you can play and control audio throughout your home. You can also play audio on multiple speakers or add music to the queue with songs to play next or make shared music queues. 

Note: See our FAQ section to find out how to configure your speakers in the Home app.