Calibrate the Soundbar with Automatic MultiBeam™ Calibration (AMC). Automatic MultiBeam Calibration (AMC) optimises the soundbar sound settings for a better surround sound experience.


1) Press and hold the CALIBRATION button for 3 seconds. • 

The calibration process will start counting down (>3 s).

2) The entire calibration takes less than 60 seconds. 

‘DONE’ will be displayed after successful calibration and ‘FAIL’ will be displayed if the calibration is unsuccessful.


  • Remove any interference from both sides of the soundbar so that the side-facing speakers can work properly and can reflect the sound in your room. 
  • Ambient noise or sounds can disrupt the calibration process. Remain quiet and not too close to the speakers during calibration. 
  • Always calibrate the audio when you move the soundbar to a different location. 
  • The calibration settings can be deleted by a system reset: press and hold the ‘-’ (minus) and ‘power’ buttons on the soundbar simultaneously to reset.