For Dutch customer who have Ziggo as TV provider:

When the soundbar is optically connected but you still want to operate your TV and soundbar with one remote control, you can programme the remote control of the Ziggo Next Box. 

TV remote control learning

1) On the soundbar, swipe the touch screen up/down/left/right to select Options.

2) Select Universal IR learning.


3) Press the arrow to start the process.

4) Point your TV remote control at the soundbar. Follow the screen instructions to operate the buttons on your TV remote control.

The Ziggo Mediabox Next remote control uses radio frequency (RF) signals, but you can configure it to also control external devices using infrared (IR) technology. If ifra ed is not enabled, proceed as follows:

Ziggo Mediabox Next Remote Control IR Learning / Programme remote control / Enable infrared


  1. Press the Home button on the Ziggo Next remote control. 
  2. Go to the Cogwheel (Settings) and press OK. 
  3. Go to Picture and Sound. 
  4. Go to Pair Your Remote Control to Devices and press OK. 
  5. Then select Pair Your Amplifier and follow the steps to programme the remote control. 

* See diagrams below.

Does the remote control work using radio frequency, infrared or HDMI? 

Radio frequency is only used to operate the Mediabox Next with the associated remote control. The main benefit of this is that the remote control does not need to be pointed at the Mediabox. You can even place the Mediabox in a closed cabinet and still be able to operate it! Operation of external devices such as your television or sound system takes place using infrared, or indirectly using the HDMI cable from the Mediabox. This works through HDMI-CEC.


You can then programme the remote control you want to use by selecting IR Learning on your soundbar’s display. You will be guided through the process in a few easy steps, and the remote control will be ready to use. 

* Under Picture and Sound you also have the option of configuring one button for powering all of your devices on and off, depending on your preference.