Play audio in your home 

With AirPlay and Siri, you can play and control audio throughout your home. You can also play audio on multiple speakers or add music to the queue with songs to play next or make shared music queues. When you tap the AirPlay logo in the control center of your iPhone or iPad, you can select multiple speakers or use the voice commands below.

Play music everywhere 

You can ask Siri to play music in certain rooms in your home or in several rooms at the same time. Say ‘Hey, Siri’ and then:

  • ‘Play The Rolling Stones in the kitchen.’ 
  • ‘Play jazz everywhere.’ 
  • ‘Play this music in the bedroom.’ 
  • ‘Play Taylor Swift in the bedroom and kitchen.’

Access to your music 

You can move music to another room, decide which speaker is connected to the system, control the volume and inquire what is being played. For example, you can tell/ask Siri:

  • ‘Stop playing music everywhere.’ 
  • ‘Set the volume in the living room to 20%.’ 
  • ‘Move this music to the bedroom.’ 
  • ‘What is being played in the kitchen?’